Notre Dame Vision Program

Hello ODS/St. Ann’s, last week, five of our High School teens attended the Notre Dame Vision program in South Bend, In.

The Notre Dame Vision program is a 5-day conference on the Notre Dame Campus designed to help teenagers discover and renew God’s call in their lives.

Our teens, were able to experience their Catholic Faith by connecting with hundreds of other high school students from all over the country as they learn from the witness of the saints and develop practices to live their faith.

With the help of nationally-known speakers like Mike Patin, and the mentorship of active college students, in large group sessions and in small faith-sharing peer groups, Notre Dame Vision gave them the space and community to ask big questions about how God is calling them to use their talents in service to the Church and world.

Overall, the Diocese of Savannah sent 15 high school students and four adults to this wonderful conference. We are hoping to continue sending our youth to different events and hope to continue counting with your support. If you see Reyna Balderas, Esperansa Popoca, Cristella Castillo, Solmaria Gaytan and Bernardino Silos Jr., ask them about this great experience. Some of their comments were, “It was a wonderful experience where I met new people who practice my same faith”, “I never thought I could relate to other people who were from a different part of the country, it was great to know we have a deep faith”, “I was able to get closer to God, and make new friends at the same time”, “I definitely would like to come back next year with an even more open heart and mind”.

Our next conference is Steubenville Atlanta, which takes place in the Infinite Energy Center July 12-14. Eleven teens and two adults are attending this conference. This weekend conference is a great “introduction” to the Gospel message for new or younger teens, while offering deep and moving experiences of prayer and fellowship for the Life Teen youth.

I ask that we continue praying for our Church, especially our teens, as we continue this journey to lead them Closer to Christ!

God Bless you always,

Juan C. and Marisol Gaytan

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